Ergonomic Analysis

“Ergonomics” is derived from the Greek words “ergos”, meaning “work”, and “nomos”, meaning “laws”, – the laws of work. The concept of ergonomics involves the study of the physical and cognitive demands of work in order to ensure a safe and productive work environment.

Witter WorkForce Assessment, LLC provides industrial and office ergonomic Job Task Analysis (JTA) that details the physical work demands inherent with either individual or multiple work stations within the company. A JTA provides:

  • Objective measures of material handling weights, forces, work task frequencies, repetitions and postures
  • Identification of significant ergonomic risk factors including deviated postures, high repetitions and forceful exertions.
  • Identification of occupational demands relative to the functional limitations of the injured worker for informed medical and vocational decision making.
  • Recommendations for cost effective risk factor management, including administrative and engineering controls
  • Identification of essential job functions for developing ADA compliant pre-work screens
  • Identification of physical demands for developing / updating company job descriptions
  • Reports utilize clear, concise language and include digital photography and video when applicable